Wednesday 16 November 2016

[UPDATED] Top 20 Anisible Interview Questions and Answers

What is Ansible?

Ansible is a software tool to deploy application using ssh without any downtime. It is also used to manage and configure software applications. You don't need any agent on server to deploy application using Anisible. It is developed in Python language.

Brief me some advantages of Ansible?

(a) Agent-less
(b) Very low overhead
(c) Good performance.

Monday 14 November 2016

Docker Interview Questions and Answers

In this article we will see important questions and answers on Docker for the purpose of interview preparation

What is Docker?

Docker is a platform to run each application isolated and securely. Internally it achieves it by using kernel containerization feature.

What is the advantage of Docker over hypervisors?

Docker is light weight and more efficient in terms of resource uses because it uses the host underlying kernel rather than creating its own hypervisor. 

What is Docker Image?

Docker Image is the source of the docker container. In other words, docker images are used to create containers. It is possible create multiple isolated containers from a single image.

What is Docker Container?

Docker Container is the instantiation of docker image. In other words, it is the run time instance of images. Images are set of files whereas containers is the one who run the image inside isolated.

Difference between Docker Image and container?

Docker container is the runtime instance of docker image.

Docker Image doesn't have a state and its state never changes as it is just set of files whereas docker container has its execution state.

How do you create docker image?

Docker image are created using Docker file. Docker build is command to create docker image out of docker file

So you have the docker image, what is the next step?

With docker image, we can spawn as many containers as needed. All containers can be same instance or it can also be different instance, what I mean that if we are using the same command for creating multiple containers, all container will behave as same. However, if you choose different command to create container out of same image, it will provide different functionality altogether.

How to create docker container?

We can create docker container by running this command

docker run -t -i <image name> <command name>

This will create and start the container

How to know the container status?

Just fire docker ps -a to list out all running container with stauts (running or stopped) on a host

How to stop and restart the container?

  • To stop container, we can use docker stop <container id>
  • To start a stopped container, docker start <container id> is the command
  • To restart a running container, docker restart <container id>

That's all for Docker Interview Questions. I will keep posting more questions with more depth analysis.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Control M Interview Questions and Answers

What is Control-M?

Control-M is a workload automation software. In other words, it is a batch scheduling software and originally developed for Mainframe but later expanded for distributed computing platform like Windows, Wnix, Linux and OpenVMS environments.

Can we adjust the display in Control-M?


What are the different intervals to schedule workloads in Control-M?

You can schedule workloads on daily, weekly or monthly intervals depends on the requirement.

What all types of functions that Control-M can automate?

It can automate the following type of functions:

  • JCL (Job Control Language)
  • Batch Files
  • Shell Scripts
  • Database stored procedures
  • File Transfer
  • Web Services

How can we return panes to their original positions in Control-M?

From View Menus -> Dockable Windows -> Reset to Default Layout, we can return panes to their original positions.

What are the different data display format?

  • Flow Diagram
  • List
  • Gantt Chart

How to change password in Control-M?

You can change the password from Tools menu (Tools->Change Password) if change password option is not visible on Control-M/EM or Control-M/Desktop.