Thursday 10 November 2016

Control M Interview Questions and Answers

What is Control-M?

Control-M is a workload automation software. In other words, it is a batch scheduling software and originally developed for Mainframe but later expanded for distributed computing platform like Windows, Wnix, Linux and OpenVMS environments.

Can we adjust the display in Control-M?


What are the different intervals to schedule workloads in Control-M?

You can schedule workloads on daily, weekly or monthly intervals depends on the requirement.

What all types of functions that Control-M can automate?

It can automate the following type of functions:

  • JCL (Job Control Language)
  • Batch Files
  • Shell Scripts
  • Database stored procedures
  • File Transfer
  • Web Services

How can we return panes to their original positions in Control-M?

From View Menus -> Dockable Windows -> Reset to Default Layout, we can return panes to their original positions.

What are the different data display format?

  • Flow Diagram
  • List
  • Gantt Chart

How to change password in Control-M?

You can change the password from Tools menu (Tools->Change Password) if change password option is not visible on Control-M/EM or Control-M/Desktop.

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