Sunday 25 December 2016

Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers

Cloud is an emerging trend these days and that is why these days interviewer is asking more questions on cloud computing. Cloud especially IAAS cloud and virtualization are very close terms and you should also know virtualization interview questions for IAAS. 

Here are some basic questions on cloud computing:

What is cloud computing and why should we go for using cloud computing(advantages)?

Cloud Computing is a model in which configurable and scalable computing resources (storage, network, application etc) are provided as a service to end user over internet with minimal effort.

Basically cloud computing has the following features: 
(a) Utility computing
(b) Programmatic
(c) Grid
(d) On-demand
(e) Scalable
(f) Usage based billing
(g) Virtualization

The advantages / benefits of cloud computing is as under:
(a) Cost effective
(b) Highly scalable
(c) Pay as per use
(d) Only operational expenditure (No setup expenditure)
(e) Data backup 
(f) Quick restore in case of disaster
(g) Software as a service
(h) Minimal management effort
(i) Time Saving

What are different types of cloud?

According to deployment -
  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Community cloud
According to service -
  • IAAS - Infrastructure as a service
  • PAAS - Platform as a service
  • SAAS - Software as a service

What is Public cloud?

A non-proprietory model where computing resources such as storage, network, applications etc are available to general public for use. It generally works on pay per use model. It is self managed solution with shared resources (with other public) with very less control over performance factor.

What is Private cloud?

Private cloud is a model where a set of non-shared computing resource is dedicated to a single organization and is secured enough so that no other client from the same datacenter can access it. Alternatively, it can also be deployed in-house by the organisation. Also, it has more control over the performance of computing resource.

What is Community cloud?

A community cloud is a multiple user cloud where infrastructure is shared amongst multiple participating organisations from a specific community with common concerns (for eg. regulatory compliance etc) . With added layer of privacy, security and policy compliance, Community Cloud has the properties of both Public cloud (Pay as per use) as well as that of Private cloud.

What is Hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud is the combination of both Public and Private cloud. Suppose an organisation wants to achieve cost-effectiveness with security then hybrid cloud is the best solution. It can setup private cloud for secured sites and public cloud for sites where security is really not a concern. Since public cloud is relatively cost-effective and is highly scalable as compared to private cloud which is more secure, such a setup achieves both security and cost-effective.

That's all for interview questions on cloud computing.

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