Sunday 25 December 2016

JSF Interview Questions

What is JSF?

JavaServer Faces is a specification for building web based UI (User Interface) for Java Web Applications. It has been made as a standard for Java Community Process. JSF provides widgets like buttons, hyperlinks, checkboxes, etc. in different ways. It has extensible facilities for validating inputs and converting objects to and from strings for display.

What is JavaServer Faces event and listener model?

It provides way to determine the way events emitted by JavaServer Faces UI components are handled.

What is JavaServer Faces conversion model?

JSF conversion model provides way to convert string-based markup generated by JavaServer Faces UI components and server-side Java components (objects) and vice-versa.

What is JavaServer Faces UI class?

JavaServer Faces UI component class defines the properties and behaviour of a JavaServer Faces UI component.

Define JavaServer Faces expression language?

To bind the associated component to a bean property or to bind the associated component's value to a method or an external data source, such as a bean property, simple expression language is being used by a JavaServer Faces UI component tag attributes.

What is JSF life cycle and its phases?

(i) Restore view phase
(ii) Apply request values phase
(iii) Process validations phase
(iv) Update model values phase
(v) Invoke application phase
(vi) Render response phase.

What are tags in JSF?

To enhance the view of the JSP Pages, JSF tags are generally used. Remember JSP pages represent views. Each tag gives rise to an associated component. JSF provides 43 tags in two standard JSF tag libraries: 1. JSF Core Tags Library 2. JSF Html Tags Library.

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