Sunday 25 December 2016

Puppet Interview Questions

What is Puppet?
Puppet is the configuration management tool for unix based and windows systems. 
What is puppet manifest?
What is manifest ordering and its importance?
What is puppet module?
Why Puppet matters to Devops? (Advantage of Puppet over other devops tools)
What is puppet catalog?
Can you describe the puppet module layouts / structure?
What are agent nodes?
What is EPP templates?
What is the use of Puppet DB?
What is the use of filebucket in puppet?
How do you perform dry run? (no-op / noop)
What is virtual resource in puppet?
How can you realize a virtual resource?
Is puppet resource idempotent
What is the purpose of Hiera tools?
Which node is called masterless node?
How can you manage nodes using Node Manager?

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