Sunday 25 December 2016

Vagrant Interview Questions

Originally published by me in another blog at Vagrant Interview Questions and reproduced here for larger audience.
1. What is Vagrant?
2. How Vagrant helps making development environment easy?
3. Can you name some hypervisors on which Vagrant provides wrapper around?
4. Does Vagrant also provides wrapper of dev-ops tools?
5. Which all dev-ops tools does Vagrant provides wrapper over?
6. Does Vagrant supports Docker Containers also?
7. Which server environments Vagrant provides support?
8. What all steps required to configure Vagrant?
9. What are the commands for making Vagrant up and running?
10. What are the benefits of using Vagrant?
11. What is vagrantfile and its use?
12. How Vagrant helps programmers in development?
13. How Vagrant helps operations engineers in devops?
14. How Vagrant benefits software designers?
15. How does Vagrant provider helps you to manage other Virtual Environment
16. How can you share  your environment with others?
17. What is Vagrant Provisioning?
18. What does synced folders do?
19. What is Vagrant Multi-Machine?

20. What is Vagrant box?

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